Police on high-alert: two young boys kidnapped

The North West police said yesterday that two kidnapped 10-year-old boys from the Montshiwa location near Mahikeng were still missing.

Supposedly, boys were kidnapped while they were playing in a park on Tuesday.

“It is alleged that Onalenna Molehabangwe and Gontse Cholo were kidnapped by three occupants driving a Volkswagen Polo,” Sergeant Lesedi Dingoko said.

Police officials report that the victims, who are both from extension 38, were with another boy when suspects lured victims to their car with chips.

“The suspects then allegedly grabbed and put the boys inside the boot of the vehicle and drove off with them. The children were never seen since then,” Lesedi Dingoko announced.

The police assure families of abducted children and public that all efforts are now being made to find boys.

“Onalenna was wearing a blue, long-sleeve T-shirt and blue denim, while Gontse was wearing a short-sleeve T-shirt with red, yellow and blue stripes,” Lesedi Dingoko said.

Both children are pupils at the Podile Primary School in Ramosadi village.

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