Pot plant killer to face Western Cape High Court for murder of accountancy tutor

23-year-old Groenewald is going to face the Western Cape High Court for the murder of Eversdal accountancy tutor Hillary van Rooyen. According to the official data, he has provided testimony to a captain Werner Bothma in a court on Wednesday.

“When we left the station for Welgemoed, the sun wasn’t even out. We arrived at the house in Poussin Street in Welgemoed and knocked on the door. The accused opened the door and identified himself. When we told him we are here to make an arrest, he spontaneously replied: For Tannie Hillary’s murder?” Bothma said to journalists.

Despite the fact Groenewald has indeed hit Van Rooyen with a pot plant on May 9, 2017, he pleads not guilty.

“When I greeted her, I felt there were feelings. We pushed each other away when we realized what was happening. That’s when an argument and physical altercation broke out and she landed on the floor,” he said.

“She repeatedly threatened to tell my girlfriend, Kayleigh, and everyone else that I tried to come on to her. I kept thinking about how this would mess up my life, especially since I was supposed to start work in Thailand in two weeks. I grabbed the closest thing I could – it was a pot plant – and hit her head with it while she was on the ground,” Groenewald said.

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