Man jailed after he saves his wife and unborn child from rapist

An enraged man managed to protect his pregnant wife from a rapist. The husband took away the rapist’s machete in the fight against him and hacked the criminal to death.

As it is reported by the police officials, the man who supposedly attempted to rape a pregnant woman was hacked to death at Magwaveni township in Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal, on Monday.

“The man had entered the house, armed with a panga, and attempted to rape a woman. Her husband heard her screams and came to her aid,” SAPS representative stated.

The husband of the injured woman was detained by the police at their house and was taken to a temporary detention facility for the time of the investigation.

Tongaat SAPS are investigating the case.

  1. S baloyi 3 months ago

    Was the man wrong for defending his familly from a heinous criminal?

  2. Theo 3 months ago

    You are in breach of the law. He was defending his family and in accordance of Act 60 of 2000 he did it without the use of lethal force or firearm which he had the right to do!!
    What would any man do if a stranger enters his home yielding a weapon!! You will defend it and kill or seriously injure that person or you are a Coward or Useless Man whether you are Black or White that’s your responsibility!!

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