Ravensmead parents catch 20-year-old child snatcher

The alert residents of Ravensmead, Cape Town, have nabbed a 20-year-old man, who tried to lure their children.

On Friday night, people noticed a suspicious black Toyota Tazz with three men inside driving around the area. The news about the vehicle spread quickly into the community as the images of unexpected guests were posted on a local WhatsApp crime group.

One of the suspects was caught red-handed on the next day when he tried to kidnap a pupil.

“On Sunday at about 11am, there were three young boys at the huiswinkel (shop) when one of the men got out,” resident Randall Botha says, adding that the perpetrator offered the teen a party pack.

“One of the residents in the road saw what was happening and ran up to them and that is when the whole thing happened”

As more and more people were gathering around the scene, the crowd decided to lock the alleged criminal in a house and wait for the law enforcement unit. Police spokesman, Capt. FC van Wyk, confirmed that officers arrested a man and opened an attempted abduction case.

“He is due to appear in court soon on the mentioned charges,” van Wyk said.

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