Cape Town gang shootout left 3-year-old boy dead

Intensive care unit surgeons did not manage to save the life of a 3-year-old boy wounded in a gangster shootout. He was shot and killed after being caught in a crossfire in Rylands, Cape Town.

The tragic incident occurred on Monday morning.

“The toddler died in hospital. Unidentified men in a white light delivery vehicle opened fire in the direction of the child’s home,” Western Cape social development MEC’s Albert Fritz stated.

Albert Fritz also claimed that violence, especially against children, has no place in our society. All people, including representatives of the government, civil society, religious leaders and families, should apply everything possible to eradicate violence in all its forms.

“We must work better together if we are to keep our young people safe,” he claimed.

Western Cape social development MEC urges parents and communities to be extra vigilant especially regarding the safety of children who will shortly be enjoying their Easter holidays.

If you have been affected by the incident and require psycho-social support, please contact your local DSD office. Alternatively, you can call the DSD Hotline on 0800 220 250 for support.

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