Cape Town blind people are at risk – LOFOB

Recently, blind people in the City of Cape Town are increasingly being attacked, according to the League of Friends of the Blind (LOFOB). Thus, the 20-year-old was threatened with a knife and robbed. Last week, a blind man has been attacked in Grassy Park on his way home.

Heidi Volkwijn, the League of Friends of the Blind spokesperson, says:

“We basically teach all the skills to be independent. So, we will teach a blind person how to use a long cane and how to walk from their home to a shop because blind people are scared to move around their communities and that is a big concern.”

Volkwijn also added that the organization expressed concern about the Dial-A-Ride transport services. According to Heidi Volkwijn, most blind people in the province are rejected by the organization:

“We have had many people who have applied for Dial-A-Ride. Unfortunately, our applications are rejected on the notion that if a blind person gets mobility training, they can move about. But point is, they can move around but their safety is constantly in jeopardy.”

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