Cape Town baby left in 4-year-old sister’s care

The Department of Social Development has reacted to the situation occurred in Hanover Park, Cape Town. Today, the Law Enforcement officers have found a 4-year-old girl looking after her baby sister in a destroyed house in Hanover Park. The children were outside a patched shack. As the little girl said, she had been told by her mother to look after the baby.

“We escorted Council electricians into Hanover Park when I saw this tiny girl, approximately four or five years old, with a baby on her hip,” the officer says. The baby is approximately four to five months old. This girl stood with that baby in the heat of the sun. I couldn’t take it and ask for assistance from social workers. The child lives in the shack with her mother and said she had been told by her mother to care for the baby.”

As MEC for Social Development, Albert Fritz says, the department has created a team to investigate the conditions the children are living in.

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