Western Cape woman allowed two men to rape her friend’s toddler

Little girl with Debbie van Rensburg, 53

Ursula Paste, a 30-year-old woman from Western Cape, was arrested at home in Craig Street on Friday as she allegedly allowed to rape her friend’s newborn girl.

The child’s mother left 2-year-old at Paste’s home for several weeks while the accused should have looked after her. According to the witness, she was there taking drugs when two unnamed men entered the infant’s room and abused it sexually.

The toddler was saved on Wednesday night by resident Debbie van Rensburg, 53, who says she found the tiny girl in a devastating state after being alerted by neighbours last week. The young victim is now being treated at the local hospital, with the medics saying she is on her way to recovery:

“She is recovering nicely and we are hoping for the best. But the nurse told us that she will still be in hospital for a long time because of her injuries and she must get medication because of the rapes,” Debbie said.

Meanwhile, Paste made a brief appearance at Goodwood Magistrates’ Court amid the local residents’ protest — the female part of the community, in particular, has been urging the judge to deny the suspect’s bail. The hearing held on Monday was postponed to March 5.

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