Providence in Emalahleni: pastor brought woman back to life

Deon Hockey, a pastor from the Volle Evangeliese Kerk van God in eMalahleni (Witbank) is reported to have raised a woman from the dead.

Parishioners of the church witnessed the amazing woman’s resurrection. They said that she was an elderly woman who suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure. The woman felt unwell and lost her consciousness while serving in the church. People tried to wake her up while others prayed.

“Pastor Deon Hockey placed his hands on her and prayed, she suddenly woke up and started breathing,” according to congregants.

But the pastor, being an extremely modest person, denies the fact of the healing.

“She coincidentally woke up when I touched her, that is all. There was no medical evidence that she had died,” the pastor told the paper.

Some congregants, however, are convinced that they have witnessed a miracle that was a case of divine intervention.


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