Muizenberg SAPS stopped phones and drugs from being taken to prison

The South African Police Service’ (SAPS) Anti-Gang Unit were transporting a prisoner to Muizenberg court when noticed a vehicle parked in front of the Muizenberg police station. Police officers recognized the driver, involved in a local illegal business. There also was a woman in a car, who has been charged for drug dealing at the Muizenberg court.

The driver tied to escape from the police but the Unit’ members forced the vehicle to stop and started to search the car.

The suspects, male, 48, and female, 23, were arrested on drug dealing charges.

The criminal hid a plastic bag containing 104 mandrax tablets, five large sticks of compressed dagga, three packets of tik, a 1kg packet of sugar and 1kg packet of maize meal and also two cellular telephones wrapped in plastic in the car. As SAPS considers, these phones and drugs were meant to be smuggled into prison.

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