Deadly shooting at Centurion taxi rank: 1 killed, 1 injured

One man died and another got injured as a result of a shooting at a taxi rank in Centurion. The incident happened on Monday morning at the intersection of Botha Avenue and Station Road in Lyttelton.

“Another service was already on the scene, assessing a patient we found on the pavement. The assessment showed that a man, believed to be in his 30s, had sustained a gunshot wound to his chest. He showed no signs of life and nothing could be done for him and he was declared dead,” an officer Russel Meiring said.

Meiring added that another man involved in the incident has been taken to hospital:

“A man in his 30s was assessed and found to have sustained a minor flesh wound to his back. The man, after being treated, was transported to hospital for further care. Gunshots went off and then the suspects fled the scene,” he added.

As a Lyttelton police spokesperson Captain Dave Miller says, two alleged armed offenders broke into the taxi rank. According to the police, no arrests have been made at the moment.

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