Investigators arrested seven rapists in Free State

During investigative activities of the Free State Police, seven suspects were arrested on various cases of rape.

The Crime Division along with Child Protection and Sexual Offenses unit has detained and arrested suspects in rape cases that presumably occurred during the last week and over the past two years in QwaQwa.

“The suspects committed crimes as individuals and groups on separate incidents,” the police official spokesperson said.

He said four of those arrested were part of eight suspects wanted for raping and beating a woman with her boyfriend while on their way home from a tavern over the weekend. The group also robbed the pair of their clothes and cellphones during the attack.

The fifth man was arrested in Makvana for a separate rape case. All five suspects – aged 20 to 30 – are to be brought before the Makwane Magistrates Court.

Two more people were arrested at Tseki village for rapes committed between February 2016 and March 2017.

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