Woman missing for more than 18 years found in her sister’s freezer

An uncanny rumble came from Croatia reporting a woman that kept her sister’s body for the last 18 years.

The sister of the deceased woman was temporarily sentenced to a month of imprisonment in the temporary detention center until the investigation into the murder of which she was accused will be investigated.

“The sister, Smiljana Srnec, must remain in detention because she could influence witnesses or flee during the investigation,”  the court spokesperson in the northern town of Varazdin said.

The discovery of her body rocked a Palovec community with many wondering how the family had lived for so long with a body hidden in the house.

Hundreds of mourners gather to say goodbye to Jasmina Dominic in her village of Palovec, northeast of Zagreb, the capital.

Jasmina Dominic was reported missing in 2005 but was last seen in 2000 when she was 23 years old. Local reports said that a family member found her body Saturday in a freezer in the Dominic family home in Palovec.

Croatian media reported an autopsy showed that Dominic had suffered at least two blows in the head with a blunt instrument.

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