Shock: Benoni woman hit by car, driver disappeared

On Monday morning, in Northmead, Benoni, a violent accident occurred that was caught on camera.

A woman crossing the road near the John Barrable Hall in Northmead, Benoni, was hit by a car. Despite the fact that the victim remained alive, social media users were outraged by the driver’s behavior who did not help the woman and fled from the scene.

As the video shows, the woman tries to go faster when the dark hatchback seems to slow down first before hitting her.

The video was filmed on a CCTV camera of the Benoni Northerns Sports Club and distributed on Facebook.

“Our security guard heard the incident taking place and informed me. I arrived on the scene within seven or eight minutes, but by then [the woman] had already got up and walked off,” Benoni Sector 2 CPF representative Jerome Stapelberg said.

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