Pupils were forced to strip naked in school shower

A staff member at Rosebank Junior School has been dismissed for allegedly engaging in inappropriate communication of sexual nature with his students.

Parents filed a complaint with the disciplinary committee of the education department, claiming that their children were forced to undress in physical education classes.

“The staff member, who’s a governing body appointee, is facing a disciplinary process,” the Western Cape Education Department’s representative said.

The reason the coach ordered pupils to strip right down to nothing is that two pupils’ money had gone missing, and the teacher searched the boys in an attempt to find it.

According to parents, “the coach took the boys to the bathroom, where he asked them to face a wall one by one and drop their pants and underwear. There was no physical interaction, according to the staffer and the pupils.”

“Parents who attended a meeting at the school on Monday evening accepted the fact that the intention was not to humiliate the children but to resolve the theft issue,” the Education MEC spokesperson Jessica Shelver said.

However, the two mothers who have spoken to journalists said “their children are still traumatized and don’t want to face the man at school.”

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