Naked woman found dead near Mpumalanga taxi rank

A local herdsman was looking for his cattle in a thicket near Mnganduzweni taxi rank in Mpumalanga on Monday but instead made a gruesome discovery — a naked body of a young female resident that was tied up to one of the trees.

The woman reported to be in her 20’s was laying on her back with a bra covering the head. Her underwear was later found in the nearby area

According to Sgt Naniki Nonyane, spokesperson of Masoyi police, the details behind the incident remained mysterious as no one from the villagers have known the victim.

“The woman’s relatives have not been located yet and we didn’t have any case of a missing woman. We, therefore, encourage anyone who has a missing person to report them to their nearest police station. We also encourage anyone with a missing relative to visit Masoyi police station,”  Nonyane said.

The recent incident can be connected to a crime series as it happened barely a week after another woman from Sandriver was found dead at Ivory Park.

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