Shooting in a store nearly led to owner’s death

The police are searching for a man accused of an armed robbery and an attempted murder of the store’s owner.

According to a police report, an armed burglar attempted to rob the road store. He entered the Patensie Road Hankey shop demanding money at 2 p.m on Monday.

The police spokesperson Sergeant Majola Nkohli revealed that the owner was shot in the upper body during the incident.

“The suspect stole an undisclosed amount of money before fleeing the scene on foot,” he said.

Sergeant Majola Nkohli said that the gunman walked inside the shop and simply shot the owner.

“There was no scuffle. After the suspect fled, the police and ambulances were called. He was rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment,” also Sergeant Majola Nkohli stated.

The police are investigating the armed robbery and attempted assassination.

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