Electrocution left man on top of train nearly dead

A citizen of Durban is lucky to be alive after climbing on top of a train and hitting the main overhead cable on Tuesday morning.

Bystanders watched helplessly at Sholkross, Durban when a person who had yet to be identified climbed onto the top of the train. He has suffered grievous bodily harm because of the incident.

The victim is a 30-year-old man.

“Paramedics responded to Shallcross where a man on top of a train had suffered electrocution after touching the electrical cables above the train. He was taken to hospital with critical but stable injuries,”  the EMS spokesperson Robert McKenzie said.

A graphic video circulating on social media shows sparks of electricity emanating from the victim before the smoke started to rise.

The reason why the man climbed onto the train roof is not clear yet.

Police officials said the accident was under investigation.

A Prasa spokesperson Zama Nomnganga said the man was lucky to be alive.

“He would have had to climb the ladder meant for maintenance work only. We urge passengers to refrain from going to restricted parts of trains,”  Zama Nomnganga summed up.

He emphasized that rail traffic was disrupted in the Durban area and several trains were canceled because of the incident.

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