2 Cape women die in horrific road accident

A massive truck hit two female pedestrians on Prince George Drive, Cape Town, on Sunday night. According to the reports, the fatal accident claimed lives of 55-year-old Una O’Ryan and 31-year-old Andrewina London, who were on a family outing, walking towards their homes.

“As we were walking to the Lavender Hill side of the road, we saw the truck coming straight on,” said Una’s daughter Janice. She was sauntering among her relatives on the tragic night.

“Some of us got out of the way, but the truck hit them. It happened so fast and the driver was going so fast. Because the robot was red, we thought he would stop but he didn’t and he hit them,” she added.

After what happened, the perpetrator fled the scene and the police squads are now putting efforts to find and arrest him. SAPS also confirmed that an opened case has been under investigation.

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