Shooting left a man dead in his own apartment

The police department of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, is investigating a case of murder after a 26-year-old-man was shot down while eating dinner with his girlfriend.

“It was alleged the victim was eating supper with his girlfriend in their flat in Cambridge Street, Veeplaas when the shooting incident unfolded on Sunday evening,” police spokesperson, Captain Andre Beetge said.

According to Captain Andre Beetge’s statement, the couple heard a knock on the door at about 6 pm and when a 22-year-old girlfriend opened it, three unknown perpetrators entered the flat.

Also, Captain Andre Beetge said that one of the attackers pulled out a firearm and fired a couple of shots at 26-year-old Akhona Josah.

The girl managed to escape unharmed and upon return found Josah dead with several gunshot wounds to his upper body.

According to a forensic expert’s conclusion, the victim died on the scene.

“The motive for the murder was unknown,” Andre Beetge said.

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