Devin James Thubakgale hearings are postponed following his illness

ANGRY: Protesters with placards opposing the bail application of Pastor James Thobakgale of the Deliverance Church of Christ in Seshego Zone 5 for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl. Pic. Elijar Mushiana. 03/01/2012. © Sowetan. LOCK HIM UP: Protesters voice their bail opposition to the granting of bail for Pastor James Thubakgale, who is accused of rape. Sowetan 16/01/2012, page 6.

The Limpopo Provincial Police reported that the rape case against Devin James Tobakgal, the leader of the Church of the Liberation, was adjourned today in the District Court in Manqueng in Polokwane.

The court had to pass judgement after 57-year-old Tubakgale appeared before it on rape charges against two girls back in 2012. The victims were aged 14 and 16.

The police spokesman Brigadier Motlafela Mohapelo said the decision was delayed because of the pastor’s illness. He has been kept in a temporary detention center.

Tubakgale has also been charged with fraud and assault of over 40 rape charges in a single case. This week he was arrested on several charges along with five of his right-wing followers in the church.

“The police received a barrage of complaints from some of the congregants against Thubakgale,” Motlafela Mojapelo also added.

”Members started investigating these cases that the pastor and his accomplices allegedly assaulted them severely during church services when they failed to make tithe offerings. Others allegedly had to surrender their houses and cars and were told to stay within the church premises. Other allegations included extortion of hard earned millions of rands from pensioners who had just retired,” Brigadier, Motlafela Mohapelo said.

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