A 6-year-old girl washed away by streams of Mlazi River

Swimming in a river led to a tragedy.

While swimming with the other kids in the river, a 6-year-old girl could not cope with the power of the stream and she was washed down by the waters of the river on Saturday.

“It would appear that four children were playing in the river and one child – a little girl – got into trouble in the water and was swept down the river,” Garrith Jamieson of Rescue Care stated.

The girl was last seen by her peers between H and J section in Umlazi. It follows from the fact that the girl’s clothes were found on rocks at the river’s bank.

According to the Rescue Care Garrith Jamieson words, there were a police helicopter, rescue and firefighting services and a Rescue Care unit involved in the girl’s search operation.

“SAPS Airwing airlifted SAPS divers to the scene to assist the fire department as well as Metro Police search and rescue personnel,” Garrith Jamieson said.

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