The truck driver prevented a major accident

According to a preliminary report, a truck driver may have saved many lives in peak-hour traffic at the N3 freeway.

The Durban traffic police stated that a truck driver managed to avoid major collisions by maneuvering among other cars. He ended up with a crash into a garage at the gas station.

The accident occured in Chris Ntuli Road, Durban after the driver allegedly could’t handle the truck.

“The driver knocked one petrol attendant and two construction workers before coming to a stop,” Rescue Care paramedic Rowan Scandroglio said.

The driver remained unharmed as a bystander claimed. He also added the driver saw only  two cars at the garage and thought it would be better to cause damage to property than to kill people.

“He drove into the trees at the side of the road before he crashed into the garage,” a construction worker said.

There are three workers injured at the gas station. Also, a fuel tanker got flipped over.

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