Scandalous San Souci High School teacher is going to face trial today

Events around The Sans Souci Girls High School’s scandal unfolding last week continue to evolve.

The charges were brought against a teacher from Cape Town after an incident in which she was slapping a pupil in front of other students in the classroom.

Today she is expected to appear for a disciplinary hearing. The pupil who was hit by a teacher is also required to be at the hearing.

As it was previously reported, the police department confirmed that the teacher and the pupil have opened criminal cases against each other on last Wednesday, February 6.

“Two cases of assault were opened for investigation by Claremont SAPS, one by the parent of the learner and another one by a 33-year-old teacher,” Sgt. Noloyiso Rwexana commented to the newspaper.

It occured after they have been suspended pending the disciplinary hearing.

“I can confirm both have been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. The hearing will take place on February 14,” Jessica Shelver, spokesperson for Western Cape Education Department MEC Debbie Schäfer said.

The South African Teachers Union Chief exacutive, Chris Klopper declared that the Union stands ready to support the defendant teacher.

“We had a long interview with her and we came to the understanding that she is upset and uncertain of what may emanate from the process, and that is understandable because it is a serious incident and it is all over the news and social media,” Chris Klopper said.

Representatives of the disciplinary committee, as well as representatioves of the court have to figure out how serious both parties’ actions were, and what the consequences would be.

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