A woman drowns in KwaZulu-Natal river

One more case of drowning was reported by KwaZulu-Natal’s ER24 service.

The ER24’s dispatcher has got a signal about a dead woman’s body that has been seen in a river outside Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal on Tuesday after 16:00 despite the fact that the body was spotted in the river at midday.

“On arrival, paramedics found the body of a woman lying face down in the river,” the ER24 spokesperson Russell Meiring on Wednesday said.

In order to extract the body of the deceased from the river to the riverbank, a group of police divers was involved.

“Paramedics assessed the woman and found she had been dead for some time. Nothing could be done for her and she was declared dead,” Russel Meiring added.

Police have not released any details on this case yet.

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