Still no arrests in the attack on police officers

Yesterday’s attack on police officers on the N2 highway, Cape Town, still remains unpunished. The two metro police officers and a motorist were shot and wounded.

The Cape Town police department officially states that there were no arrests made since yesterday.

The assault had taken place on the N2 highway yesterday morning. The police squad was sent there after the police dispatcher received a message about a car that had broken down on the highway.

“Camera operators detected rocks on the road. Officers responded but in the meantime, a motorist drove over one of the rocks and stopped on the side of the road to attend to a burnt tyre. While doing so, another vehicle pulled over and one of the occupants shot the motorist. When Metro police arrived and inquired about what had happened, the suspects opened fire on them too,” the police official said.

There was a reward of R50 000 promised by The City of Cape Town for any information about yesterday’s assault.

“The City of Cape Town condemns this callous attack and will work very closely with the SA Police Service to ensure that those responsible are brought to book. The executive mayor has agreed to a R50,000 reward for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the attackers,” Mayoral committee member for safety and security JP Smith stated.

According to the police official statistics, more than 300 calls due to car breakdowns have been processed by the police department over the past three months.

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