Elio Zannoni advised to homeowners to have “safe rooms”

Due to the increase in home thefts Elio Zannoni, managing director at Strategic Threat Analysis, advised all homeowners to have “safe rooms”. It could be any place in a house, for example, a bath or storage space.

“If you make use of security services, it’s a good idea to keep an extra panic button in this safe room. A spare cellphone that’s fully charged and has airtime is also good to keep in this room,” he said.

Also, Zannoni mentioned dogs that can save your home from attackers. On an equal footing with this, homeowners should use infra-red beams or passive infra-red detectors. It could help to see if someone is trying to break into your house.

Elio Zannoni added:
“Unfortunately, there are far too many cases where residents who have confronted intruders have been seriously injured, or worse, during an attack on their properties. If you suspect that there may be an intruder on your property, rather press your panic button and let your security company respond to the scene to investigate.”

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