Investigation of a terrible raping case goes on

The police are investigating a horrific case of a Seshego church preacher who is charged with more than 40 rape cases.

The accused, 57-year-old pastor, remained in provisional custody along with five other associates. All suspects are members of the church parish. The accusation of multiple crimes includes rape, fraud, assault with the intent to do dreadful bodily harm, covering up a murder, kidnapping, extortion, and theft.

“Arrests emanates from intense investigations conducted by detectives in Seshego,” the police spokesperson Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo said.

“Police began investigating these charges soon after receiving complaints from some of the congregants that the pastor and his accomplices allegedly assaulted them severely during church services, when they failed to tithe,” Mojapelo added.

Another Motlafela Mojapelo’s statement is declaring that other parishioners were apparently transferring their property, cars, houses to extortionists.

“Other allegations include extortion of hard-earned cash in millions from pensioners who had just retired. The said pastor is also suspected of having raped girls as young as 14. More than 40 cases of rape and assault are being investigated. Police are also investigating allegations that the deaths of certain congregants might have been concealed,” the police official stated.

The pastor will face trial on charges of alleged rape case at the Mankweng Magistrate’s Court on Friday whereas other perpetrators’ court hearings will be held at the Seshego Magistrate Court today.

As part of ongoing investigation, the police do not exclude the possibility of new arrests and trials.

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