Young pupil killed by a school bus

The Lesego primary school bus driver unintentionally ran over a student with a bus resulting in a death of the 7 year-old pupil.

The incident had occured on Monday morning. The bus driver was reversing and had knocked young boy down and then hit the back wheels of the bus on him.

“The learner, aged seven, was behind the school bus while the driver was reversing and apparently hit the child with right rear bumper without noticing and drove over the child,” the spokesperson for the station, Constable Slindile Ntuli explained.

“Paramedics rushed out immediately, but unfortunately the child was declared dead on the scene,” also Slindile Ntuli added.

“The parents were contacted and emotional counselling was provided to them and the learners. The matter is under intense investigation,” she concluded.

The tragic accident is under the police investigation.

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