Woman sentenced to 4 life imprisonments

According to the police reports by Captain Molefe Mogodi, a woman, 34, have been sentenced to four life imprisonment at the High Court in Johannesburg.

According to the official charges, the suspect has set fire makeshift buildings at Marlboro South Industrial area leaving four people dead.

“The woman then disappeared without anyone noticing her. The police were called to the crime scene. The investigation was conducted and, with the help of emergency services, it came to light that petrol was used to burn the shack down. She was subsequently arrested during the preliminary investigation.” – the spokesperson said at the scene.

These are five convictions by the High Court in Johannesburg:
Count 1: Arson, five years in jail
Count 2: Murder, life imprisonment
Count 3: Murder, life imprisonment
Count 4: Murder, life imprisonment
Count 5: Murder, life imprisonment.

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