New-born girl narrowly escaped death

Doctors are fighting for the newborn girl’s life after the rescue service’s squad and the team of paramedics rescued her from a storm drain pipe in Durban on Monday morning. They were struggling for the newborn girl’s life for three hours.

The baby girl was taken to a hospital by Air Mercy helicopter.

“She has been rescued out of the drain. She was assessed by Rescue Care advanced life support paramedics before being handed over to the Air Mercy helicopter crew by EMRS,”  Rescue Care spokesperson Garrith Jamieson said.

The first time people heard her screaming from a storm drain pipe was at around 7 a.m today on the corner of Barricuder Road and Herring Way in Newlands East.

In order to save the little girl, the rescuers needed to dig out the earth trench next to the drain hole and strengthen the ground walls.

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