Camps Bay Area fire-fighters struggle against conflagration

The fires affecting the Camps Bay area are under control of the fire crews at the moment .

Helicopters were mobilized to serve fire suppressing operations when the blaze got too close to residential buildings.

“We still have crews on scene. There are crews from Table Mountain National Park and Working on Fire. They will stay there and ensure that everything is out.” Table Mountain National Park fire manager Philip Prins said.

This afternoon the local Holy Cross Primary School was touched by the wildfire.

Who knows how the school fire situation would unfold, if not for the heroism of the Zonnebloem police officer. During the evacuation, he has suffered mild smoke inhalation while evacuating children from the school. After that, the officer was taken to hospital for medical care.

“Three classrooms, a new library and the feeding scheme have been destroyed in the fire.” the school employee said.

According to the police statement, no victims or injured have been reported.


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