Six raiders were arrested for cash heist attempt in Kimberley

Police forces of Kimberley forces Department have arrested six men after they tried to rob a G4S vehicle full of money.

The incident happened in Cecil Sussman Street. As reported by an eyewitness, a G4S has finished collecting a cash drop from the market and started to come out from the store when the shots were fired. A bakkie with perpetrators was waiting outside.

Despite the danger of the situation, police forces had a prior knowledge of the attempted crime. The police have received information from their undercover officer who was a member of the crime group.

As a result of the operation, at least six suspects were arrested. They were being guarded by armed members of the Hawks together with the two armed employees who were in the G4S vehicle.

Yesterday the Sol Plaatje Municipality spokesperson, Sello Matsie, said the municipality condemned the incident, adding that the fresh produce market had been the victim of robberies before.

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