Rapist “walking around like nothing happened”

The man convicted of raping two little kids, a brother and a sister, was out on R500 bail. The family expressed their indignation to the journalists as they suppose he is now breaking the bail terms.

The rapist, children’s mom ex-boyfriend, Zamaine Wearley, 19, had been seized by the police last year. In December 2018 he was released on R500 bail at the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court.

Zamaine Wearley’s trial will continue on February 28.

The children and their mom were living next door to Zamaine Wearley on the Tafesig property at the time the rape happened.

As the children’s aunt said, their mother suspected something was wrong shortly before her own death. She died last year and the children came under the tutelage of their father.

“The children moved out with their mother and in February 2018, they began talking about what had happened to them,” explains the children’s aunt.

After the complaint, the children were taken to a medical specialist and he confirmed the fact of rape.

“When the boy was raped, the suspect apparently took his semen and placed it on top of the boy’s head and told him to wash himself,” the aunt adds.

The aunt along with her neighbour are demanding the suspect’ arrest for violating his own recognizance.

“He is walking around here like nothing happened, and like there is no case,” she says.

“The children cannot come and visit us or sleep here because he is here.”

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