Point-blank shooting left a municipal employee dead

The attack on Alfred Duma Local Municipality official’s car occurred at the Sondela intersection close to the Pick n Pay Complex in Ladysmith. As a result of an ambush, the municipal employee was shot dead in his car on Thursday morning.

The municipality’s executive director of engineering and infrastructure services, Oscar Hlatshwayo, was on his way to work when his car got into an ambush.

No information has been revealed from the police on the circumstances of the attack.

All that is currently known is the number of gunmen. There were at least two of them in an ambush.

“There were five cars between his and mine. As he drove past the KFC just a few meters from the robots at the intersection, gunshots rang out. He lost control and he did not stop at the intersection and collided with a minibus taxi. The gunmen were not in a car as there was no visible one which could have been used as a getaway car,” according to an eyewitness’ words.

As the municipal spokeperson, Siya Maphalala, said they were still at the scene and that the body and the car had still not been removed.

“The police are still in charge of the scene. Hlatshwayo has worked for the municipality for about 15 years. At this stage, it is not clear what the motive for the killing could be but we will issue a statement once we have more details on the matter,” Siya Maphalala said.

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