Locals rob the blazing beer delivery truck

A truck delivering a beer batch was caught on fire by the protesters’ hands. At the moment a heavy-duty-truck is standing alight at N14 three kilometers outside Olifantshoek. Locals and people from passing cars were pulling away boxes of beer from a burning truck.

The district residents have not had access to clean tap water already for a month. That is why people had to step out for the protest.

The truck that carried out the delivery of a batch of beer crates fell under the dismay of the crowd and was torched and vandalized. It happened at about 8 am on Wednesday. The police officials reported the truck driver was not injured.

“Protesters also barricaded and closed off the N14 road. Police managed to disperse the crowd and open the road at about 10am.Three men, aged 22, 25 and 32 years, were arrested on Wednesday on charges of public violence following protest action in Olifantshoek.”  police spokesperson Captain Sergio Kock said.

The reason for the indignation was a lack of reaction from the local authorities.

“Entire town was without water,” local people said.

“People are fed up, we feel like we are being punished. We will intensify our protest action if there is no water by today.”

The authorities did not ever bother to support inhabitants and bring water in tanks for the time of its absence.

It started after the local water supply organization received funds from the municipalities to install water metering devices. But there is still no water in town. Locals have no water to wash nor cook, not even to flush a toilet.

“To counter mounting debts to Sedibeng Water, consumers were forced to purchase prepaid meters. Residents were promised that all the water problems would be solved if we bought the prepaid water meters. The municipality owes millions of rand to the water board. The worst of all is that we will still receive accounts to pay for the non-existent water.”

According to local authorities – the spokesperson for Gamagara Municipality, Kamogelo Semamaithey, in particular, they have adressed the community complaints.

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