Teacher charged with child molestation has been summarily dismissed

An elementary school teacher who is charged with multiple sexual abuse acts has been dismissed from the Valhalla Primary School in Centurion.

The Department of Education removed from the duties the teacher, who’s for half a year committed criminal acts of a sexual nature in relation to his young students.

The department’s internal investigation established that at least 23 acts of sexual abuse have been made by the accused teacher. The young girls aged between 10 and 13 were among the victims.

Despite dozens of sexual harassment allegations received from students’ parents since June 2018, the Gauteng Education Department has only now decided to remove the educator. The department has repeatedly sent its representatives to the school, but they returned with nothing.

“Dozens of young girls have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse at the school.” said the Education Department official Steve Mabona.

“The department is also investigating allegations that the implicated teacher has remained at the school despite complaints about him.” Mabona added.

More than six month have passed since receiving the first appeal, nonetheless the facts of abuse were made public last month.

The police started investigative actions on the case.

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