Reshall Jimmy’s case reveals new details

With Jimmy’s family represented by AfriForum’s Gerrie Nel, on Monday, February 4, the court heard 10 witness statements that were still outstanding in the inquest into Jimmy’s death four years after the incident.

Ford Motor Company’s advocate Andre Bezuidenhout took up the policing in the preliminary probe.

Its investigator, a former police officer and investigations head of the disbanded Scorpions, found that numerous eyewitness accounts were outstanding and that the investigating officer had not followed up on “patently clear” aspects, as well as requests from the prosecutor for a follow-up.

Bezuidenhout said there were still 10 witness statements that were still outstanding from witnesses who Ford had not “scratched out of nowhere”.

Bezuidenhout further questioned why a healthy 32-year-old man would not have been able to get out of a burning vehicle. Instead, he was found seated on the driver’s side with his seat belt in place. The inquest is expected to commence on March 18 when the formal evidence will be presented.

Ford indicated that the list comprised 42 witnesses.

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