Gas explosion at the mine owned by Gupta blocked 22 people underground

The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) has received a message from a group of technical observers deployed at the mine where 22 people were cut off from the outside world.

The collapse occurred after the explosion at the mine leaving a group of 22 people, presumably of the citizenship of Lesotho, locked inside.

“The DMR is aware there’s been an incident at the mine. The mine is currently not operational. Our inspectors are on route for an inspection in loco and we are engaging with Mine Rescue Services for assistance. Details to follow as the situation unfolds,” the department said in a statement.

“The group of 42 Lesotho nationals allegedly went underground in an attempt to steal cables when there was a gas explosion. 20 members of the group managed to reach safety, but 22 people were left behind.” the Middleburg Observer reported.

As the official source stated, those who survived reported the incident to a local councilor, Adile Magwane, in an effort to help others.

The mine called Gloria is supposedly controlled by the notorious Gupta family and turns out to be a part of the Optimum Coal. The Gupta family invested their funds to support the enterprise last year.

The former management of the mine failed to maintain the economic efficiency of production and mining. The management could not pay salaries to miners, and the Gloria mine had to be closed.

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