Ongoing investigation: assault on private home in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal

An armed attack was carried out against the resident house of a local housing cooperative. A family and their friends who stayed at the place have miraculously managed to avoid injuries and death.

Blue Security’s community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the residents were standing in the driveway of their Tyrone Road home and seeing off some friends when a gang accosted them on Saturday evening, the Highway Mail reported.

Also, according to the video recorded by the camera installed in the courtyard, the group of three suspects drove past the gates several times before the attack.

“The residents were busy saying goodbye to their friends, whose vehicles were still parked in the driveway with the main driveway gate open, because they were about to leave. The suspects spotted the opportunity and stopped outside the property.

As they approached the victims, one of the women, who was standing in the driveway, screamed when she saw a suspect armed with a firearm,” Andreas Mathios reported.

“One of the visitors, who was reversing his vehicle out of the driveway, realised what was happening and quickly drove back onto the premises, smashing into the garage door,” media liaison officer said.

In spite of life-threatening risks one of the victim’s mates tried to fight the hijackers back . He decided to throw his cellphones over the fence to keep them safe.

“A suspect, who was armed with a rifle, fired four shots before the gang fled the scene. No injuries were reported,” Andreas Mathios made another statement.

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