91 year-old woman begging to return her stolen ring

An elderly woman appealed to return her lost ring with a plea to the nursing home community.

According to the 91-year-old lady, the burglars threatened her with a pistol and took away her personal belongings. The old people’s home was robbed last month in Musgrave.

“Robbers stormed the complex and managed to hold up the security guard at the entrance.” The Mercury reportred last month.

“The suspects asked her for the ring and she tried to bend her finger so that it would not come off easily but they forced it off,” the nursing home General Manager said.

He also added that the lady’s door was open and she was washing dishes right when the offence was commited. Among other things, the burglars took her TV.

Musgrave’s nursing home General Manager argued that it was an organized gang. They have brutally beaten up the home securities and have taken out the grid.

Berea South African Police Service is investigating the case and urges anyone who has information on the offence to contact.

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