Tshwane mayor appointment is pending at the NEC

The new Tshwane town hall head is awaiting the National Executive Committee decision. The mayor appointment is the main agenda for The African National Congress (ANC) today.

While the NEC is considering which candidate will take the mayor post, the Democratic Alliance announced Stevens Mokgalapa to be the party’s nominee to fill the Tshwane town hall head’s chair.

In addition, Solly Msimanga, outgoing capital mayor, submitted his resignation on 31 January to take effect on 11 February 2019. He is about to focus on the Gauteng premiership campaign.

“At the current stage, the NEC has taken over the process of nominating and or fielding a candidate. They have not said anything to the City of Tshwane in terms of fielding a candidate and if they do, if they decide to do so, we will only be responding to the resolution of the higher structure.” the ANC’s Bafuze Yabo said.

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