Giraffe found dead in the Kruger National Park

Sad news have come from the Kruger National Park on Sunday morning.  A giraffe that got stuck on a small island after some heavy rains made the river swell in size, was found dead.

“SANParks regrets that, against every hope, the stranded giraffe on the Olifants River Bridge was discovered dead this morning. As per our founding principles to let nature take its course, the carcass will be left in the same position to continue the natural process,” SANParks tweeted on Sunday.

The reason for this is described as the increased water line:
“started to cross the river, realized the water was flowing too fast and then turned around, but the water level had increased and there were… crocodiles waiting. If the water level doesn’t drop, it’s either going to starve to death or get eaten.”

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