A couple of hitchhikers was robbed and assaulted

A horrible crime story happened with a couple of hitchhikers in Mpumalanga. As reported by police officers, a driver of a black Volkswagen Golf offered two hitchhikers to lift to Kabokweni, near White River. However, a driver has turned on another road and stopped.

At first, suspect which armed firearm, robbed a couple of wallets, cash. After he tied the man to a tree and raped the woman.

The local police department is investigating this case and urged the community to lead to the arrest of the suspect to contact Detective Col Ernest Maoka at 082 318 9843 or the SAPS Crime Stop number, 08 600 10111.

Also, spokesperson Lt Gen Mondli Zuma said: “Hitchhiking is very risky, it is dangerous and can lead to victims being kidnapped, raped, and even killed. Accepting help from unknown people must come to an end. It is advisable to use public transport and where possible, travel early, while there is still light in order to avoid problems.”

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