A robber with acid assaulted a man in Mpumalanga

CSI in Stairwell.

Mpumalanga Police Department is investigating a case of severe assaulting by an unknown robber. The case happened on Wednesday morning during the morning jog. The victim, Henk Nienaber, was attacked by a robber with acid. A suspect has stolen the watch and ran away immediately.

“A man on a mountain bike rode up to me and then suddenly I was burning all over. He grabbed my watch and fled.”

Henk Nienaber managed to back home and his landlord help rushed him to Evander Hospital.

Nienaber sustained burns to his scalp and to the right side of his body, namely to his face, chest, arm and leg.

The Secunda Police is investigating a case of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.

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