Bonakele Pakisi wants to change his testimony

In a famous murder case in Coligny appeared new details. It believed, two suspects, Pieter Doorewaard, 27, and Phillip Schutte, 34, which had been sentenced with the killing of 16 y.o. Matlhomola Moshoeu in April 2017, thrown him from a car and tried to escape.

After that crime, the sole eyewitness Bonakele Pakisi managed to testify to the police. His words had become the main testify for this case.
However, suspects claimed the cause of death wasn’t because of them.

Nevertheless, for now, the main witness Bonakele Pakisi wants to change his testimony. He claimed that “unknown man”, presumably Morule, came to his house earlier this month and took him to Mahikeng on the supposed pretense that the state advocate had wanted to see him, Pakisi told The Sowetan.

Pakisi claimed that one of Doorewaard’s relatives then forced him to make the “confession”, which was recorded. He was allegedly given R1,000 and later promised R3 million and a house by the said relative, who was named as “prominent businessman” Kirsten Doorewaard.

Doorewaard, however, reportedly said that Pakisi had lost touch with reality and needed to be “stopped” when Sowetan contacted him for comment.


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