A 36 y.o. father has killed a man on suspicion of raping his young daughter

A Port Elizabeth Police Department started investigating a case of murder by 36 y.o. father. As reported by information, the suspect, young father beat to death 52 y.o. man due to believing that killed man raped his 7 y.o. daughter.

The case happened near Motherwell Health Centre when father assaulted him. Captain André Beetge, the police spokesperson said it was alleged that on Saturday at about 10:50pm, the victim, Mava Fundakubi, 52, was severely assaulted in De Vos Crescent, Shukushukuma after it was suspected by community members that he had raped the little girl.

“An innocent man was killed by [the] community based on a rumor and did not even wait to verify the truth of it. We are urging our communities to give information about suspected crimes to the police and not to take the law into their own hands. The persons involved were killers and the police and the law will treat them as killers. I am urging our community to identify these killers in order for the law to be enforced and these murderers to be brought before a court.” – said Beetge.

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