The notorious story about Agrizzi’s case has continued

The famous story about Agrizzi’s case has continued. One of the main figures of this criminal case Mikey Schultz reported that Angelo Agrizzi lying in his claim, contained in an affidavit, that he had been hired to protect former Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson and his family.

The commission heard last week that Bosasa had allegedly gotten hold of Schultz after finding out that Agrizzi was going to give damning testimony at the commissioning about the company and Watson.

And, Agrizzi says he was one of the people involved in doing the “disposing”.

“I know because I used to do some of the disposing. There was a dustbin with people’s names in it. If you served your purpose and started raising your voice and started saying you did not want to do it anymore, you would simply be terminated. They would say ‘we don’t need this person anymore’. If you started raising your voice, you would be taken out just like that,” he said.


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