Horrible gang-raped in KZN

As reported by Thembeka Mbhele, spokesperson of KZN police Department, three suspects were arrested and charged with gang-rape.

“It is alleged that on January 9, 2019, a 25-year-old woman was hitchhiking on the freeway when the driver of a bakkie stopped next to her and offered her a lift.” – said the spokesperson of KZN police Department.

it believed that the driver had promised to lift a girl to a destination, but culprit has turned to another way. He called other two suspects and they arrived.

“They allegedly raped the victim repeatedly and she was later dropped off at a service station in Chatsworth,” added Col Mbhele. The victim has gone to the police station immediately.

Police have arrested three suspects and opened a case. They were charged for rape and placed before the court.

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