Police warns of the danger of robbery

According to the Yusuf Abramjee, anti-crime activist and vice-president of Crime Stoppers International, in the past two weeks, robbers crews are activated.

“In one of the incidents in Robertsham, the victim was shot in the arm. The other incident happened close to the Mall of Africa,” he said.

For example, a group of culprits was arrested in Hillbrow on suspicion of being involved in follow-home robberies.

Also, many crimes happened at the OR Tambo. So, one of the crime happened during moving of a shuttle, when the airline crew was robbed of valuables and cash while they were in a shuttle bus in Sandton.

Police officers and Yusuf Abramjee told about a scheme of crime group:

“This is their specialty, they follow passengers from OR Tambo International Airport and rob them along the way to their destinations.

“They are brazen and heavily armed. They choose their targets from the airport.”

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